Jmw Training Contract Salary

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JMW is a leading law firm based in Manchester, United Kingdom, offering a range of legal solutions to clients across the UK and internationally. If you are considering a training contract with JMW, one of the essential details you`ll want to know is the salary they offer.

According to JMW`s official website, trainee salaries start at £25,000 in their first year and increase to £27,500 in the second year. This is in line with the average salaries offered by other leading UK law firms.

Apart from the basic salary, JMW also offers a range of benefits to its trainees, including a pension scheme, life insurance, private medical insurance, and discounts on gym memberships, cinema tickets, and other leisure activities.

It`s essential to note that JMW`s salaries and benefits packages are subject to change, depending on various factors such as the economic climate, industry trends, and the firm`s growth and expansion plans. Therefore, it`s crucial to check the latest information on their website or contact JMW`s HR team for the most up-to-date information.

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